What Happened?



What Happened?


Escaping Witch

'What Happened?' es la traducción oficial al Inglés de nuestro otro juego '¿Qué Sucedió?'. Conserva toda la esencia del original pero llevada al idioma de Shakespeare.


De esta forma el juego se convierte en internacional y accesible al mundo al entero, por lo que gente de cualquier país puede competir por ser el mejor. De igual modo cualquiera que ya haya disfrutado de la versión original '¿Qué Sucedió?', puede ahora además de aprender sobre historia, practicar un poco su Inglés. Puedes empezar ya con la descripción...


Think you know a lot about the history of the last decades? or, Are you a curious and restless person? Then this is your game to show it and discover!


What Happened? is the game of questions and answers that will test your knowledge through a journey to last decades. With over 400 questions of all sorts of topics, spread at the moment, in 9 levels starting with 1920 and ending in 2000.


As you go forward you will find many curious things that have happened in recent decades and of which you had no knowledge. This game is not only to test you, also used to learn and satisfy your curiosity. As well as be fun it's educational! If you like trivia type games, sure this game will make you spend hours of fun.


At your disposal are two modes of play, "History Tour", in which you go level by level trying to overcome each round with as many stars as possible. Only the best and most persistent achieve perfect levels, Will you be one of them?


The other mode "Quick Play" offers you a way to play a lot more quickly and directly, with leaderboards local and global to Improve yourself every day! Compare ratings in the local table with friends, family, acquaintances, partners ... or struggle to be the best in the world in the Rating Table of Google Play Games.

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